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The Irish Cultural Immersion

Gaelic Games | UNESCO Intangible Heritage | Local Community | Suitable For All

Prime Locations

Located in the centre of Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast. Only a short walk/taxi/bus from where you’re staying!

Unlock Ireland

We provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural phenomenon that is Gaelic Games – the national sports on our beautiful island. It is a fun experience like no other!

Coming To Ireland? Do Something Uniquely Irish ..

These are more than just 'sports' - they are a living expression of our ancient Gaelic culture! You can't experience Ireland without experiencing Gaelic Games.

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Stag & Hen Party

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About Our Games

What is Gaelic Football?

Gaelic football is the most popular sport on the island. It is a mixture of Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, American Football and a whole host of sports. We play on a large pitch with 15 players on each team. It is an incredible game that you must experience.

What is Hurling?

The oldest and fastest field sport in the world. It has prehistoric origins, dating back to 1272 BC. It is our ancient Gaelic warrior sport. Combining elements from Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf and a host of other sports, sit back and enjoy the spectacle!

What is Handball?

Gaelic Handball is a really simple ball game played in an indoor or outdoor alley – just like the internationally better-known sports of squash or racquetball but without the racquets.

What does the Experience involve?

Experience Gaelic Games is all about having fun while immersing yourself in the very essence of Irish life and culture. Lasting three hours and based in a local GAA club, this adventure will take you to the heart of authentic Ireland.

Who is the Experience for?

It’s for everyone: we look after families, reunions, corporate team building groups, stag parties, hen groups, friends, classes, tours and sports teams of all sizes and all ages from all over the world. Visitors from US presidents to the New Zealand All Blacks have experienced Gaelic games – it’s time you did too.

Who is behind Experience Gaelic Games?

Experience Gaelic Games is the brainchild of Gaelic Games and Irish culture fanatics Cormac Ó Donnchú and Georgina Caraher. When they realised there was nothing like this for visiting groups to Ireland, they put together a panel of expert coaches and the experience was born.

Experience Gaelic Games Video - Learn More

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