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Immerse yourself in Irish culture

Coming to Ireland? Do something uniquely Irish....

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Immerse yourself in a Covid friendly authentic Irish Experience

Wondering whether you should take part in an unforgettable experience or just want to know more about what we do? Click on the links and learn more about Experience Gaelic games and what we do!

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What’s all the excitement about?

When you experience Gaelic games, you’ll know.

What are Gaelic games?

Gaelic Games is the term given to a range of indigenous Irish sports and pastimes. These sports and pastimes are unique to Ireland, are deeply embedded in Irish culture and are played throughout the island of Ireland by all ages and at every level. The games have always occupied a special place in our culture and engender deep passions while defining local community identities.

About Our Games

What is Gaelic football?

Gaelic football is similar to soccer except you are allowed to handle the ball. It’s played on a very large pitch with H shaped goals at either end. Like hurling, a goal is worth three points and an “over” (getting the ball over the crossbar but between the uprights) is worth one point.

What does the experience involve?

Experience Gaelic Games is all about having fun while immersing yourself in the very essence of Irish life and culture. Lasting three hours and based in a local GAA club, this adventure will take you to the heart of authentic Ireland.

What is hurling

Hurling is our national sport and it has prehistoric origins. It’s our ancient Gaelic warrior sport and is referenced in all our ancient myths and legends. It is best described as a cross between field hockey and lacrosse and is played with a stick and ball. Hurling is considered to be the oldest and fastest field sport in the world.

Who is the experience for?

It’s for everyone: we look after families, reunions, corporate team building groups, stag parties, hen groups, friends, classes, tours and sports teams of all sizes and all ages from all over the world. Visitors from US presidents to the New Zealand All Blacks have experienced Gaelic games – it’s time you did too.

What is Handball?

Gaelic Handball is a really simple ball game played in an indoor or outdoor alley – just like the internationally better-known sports of squash or racquetball but without the racquets.

Who is behind Experience Gaelic Games?

Experience Gaelic Games is the brainchild of Gaelic games and Irish culture fanatics Cormac O’Donnchú and Georgina Caraher. When they realised there was nothing like this for visiting groups looking for things to do in Dublin, they put together a panel of coaches and the experience was born.

Coming to Ireland? Do something uniquely Irish, active and fun.

Get ready to immerse yourself in Irish culture.

Every town in Ireland, and almost every village, has a Gaelic club – over 2,000 of them – where local people of all ages come together to play our national sports and promote our culture. It’s a huge part of what makes us Irish.

These clubs are the hubs of local life, where we promote our ancient language, our traditional music, our ancestral dance and, most importantly, our indigenous games, sports and pastimes. These “Gaelic games” are governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association (the GAA). The clubs operate in a uniquely tribal structure and promote passionate expression of local community and national cultural identity. Our ancient games are inspired by our colourful history, our connection to our sense of place and are fuelled by our myths and legends.

The king of these sports is hurling, our national warrior sport and older than our recorded history: it has been played for over 4,000 years and is recognised by UNESCO as global cultural asset. Amazingly, our big games attract larger spectating numbers than NFL Superbowls or FIFA World cup finals.

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