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Baile Átha Cliath | Vibrant | History | Stories

Dublin – A city unlike any other!

Dublin - A City Of Culture

Ours is a vibrant city, where culture and nature join forces in a range of diverse and exciting experiences explored at your leisure. Dublin looks back over a thousand years of history. During that time, it’s changed, grown and created a character all its own. Every era has made its mark. Discover it for yourself today.

Where to Visit

Created centuries before cars existed, Dublin’s compact centre is perfect for pedestrians. A jumble of chic modern shops, cosy cafes, timeless pubs and fascinating museums is clustered around a graceful five-hundred-year old university. You never know what’s around the next corner – and that’s what makes every step through Dublin so fascinating.

An Unmissable Experience

We have a city unlike any other. It is vibrant, craic, charming and full of culture. From the Vikings to the Normans, from Irish emigration to 3,000 years of sporting heritage. We truly have a story to tell. Come hear it!

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