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Hurling Tops Lonely Planet Unique Sports to Try 2020

Intangible Heritage

An Exclusive Insight Into Modern Ireland

Experience the UNESCO recognised global cultural asset that is the oldest and fastest field sport in the world, the great game of Hurling. This is an experience that can't be tried anywhere else in the world. Exclusive visitor attraction in the heart of the local community in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. Don't miss out! Lonely Planet has put the Irish sport of hurling on top of its list of Unique Sports to Try on Your Travels in 2020.


Years Old


Years Coaching Experience

‘Coming ahead of the likes of volcano boarding in Nicaragua and freediving in Australia, Lonely Planet says a trip to experience the Gaelic Games will not only leave you with a potential new hobby, but a deeper understanding and a stronger connection with the Irish people’

Lonely Planet Information

Lonely Planet’s goal is to help more people from more backgrounds experience the joy of exploration. They believe this builds a kinder, more inclusive, more open-minded world.

Like you, travel and cultural exploration is in our DNA. At Lonely Planet, they believe travel opens the door to the greatest, most unforgettable experiences life can offer. Hurling in Ireland is one of these unforgettable experiences. And we have learned that the best travel is about putting yourself out there, about leaving behind the everyday, about immersing yourself, rather than just seeing the sights.

Lonely Planet Hurling

Full of pace and power. Hurling is recognised by UNESCO as a global cultural asset. The ancient game has been shaped by myth, history and geography. And, as with Gaelic football, is deeply engrained in the Irish national identity and culture.

From Dublin to Donegal and from Galway to Cork, rival county clubs play fiercely competitive hurling matches across the island. There are numerous opportunities to learn, play and spectate the game regardless of age, gender or skill level. The best of these is in Experience Gaelic Games. Book today.

Worldwide Reaction to Hurling

Experience Gaelic Games gives visitors the perfect, local insight into the cultural phenomenon that is Gaelic Games. When visitors to our island experience the games, they are blown away by the ethos and values of the association first, and then blown away by the frightening pace at which the game is played.

In reaction to the UNESCO news, here are some articles from Lonely PlanetThe Washington Post, UNESCO, The Irish Times and The BBC to give you more information.


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