If you’re coming to Ireland, make sure you try this unique Irish adventure while you’re here. ‘Live like a local’ as you learn about and play our native, indigenous Gaelic Games with Experience Gaelic Games.

Make sure that you join us for a few hours of fantastic fun and see if you fall in love with the sports that over 5 million people of us are crazy about! Only about 5% of our visitors coming to us have ever heard of Gaelic Games. 100% of visitors leave us with a smile on their face and a new found love of the GAA.

Our company was set up in 2009, with the aim of bringing our 3,000 year old game to the visitors to our island. We have an incredible passion for the games, a passion instilled in us from the very moment we were born. It is not solely ‘sport’ to us, it is a living expression of our unique ancient Gaelic culture. Our goal is to allow visitors to immerse themselves in our local Gaelic culture, support our local community ventures and allow for the support of sustainable communities.

When playing Gaelic Games, you are mixing about 30 different sports into the one. However, for the past 11 years, we have been trying to find other sports and activities that compare to the GAA and its central place in the heart of our communities. So far, we have failed to do so. That’s not for the want of trying. It is because a comparison doesn’t exist. Why not come to Experience Gaelic Games, meet our wonderful coaches and see can you make a comparison with any of your favourite sports. And to top it all off, go home with memories to last a lifetime, breath-taking pictures and unbelievable stories.


All about supporting local communities, immersing in local culture, supporting local community ventures.

Come Meet Our Wonderful Coaches!