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27th January 2020

Unlocking the excitement of Gaelic Games

Gaelic Games has a lineage that stems back to prehistoric times. To unlock the excitement…
Lonely Planet Number 1 Unique Sport to try 2020Exciting NewsExperience Gaelic Games News
15th January 2020

Try Lonely Planet’s Number 1 Unique Sport in the World 2020!

Wow! Such exciting news to take us into the new decade! We are Lonely Planet’s…
Experience Gaelic Games News
14th January 2020

Hurling tops Lonely Planet Unique Sports to try on your travels in 2020

Showcasing Ireland's National Sport, Gaelic Games, Experience Gaelic Games are delighted that Hurling has topped…
Experience Gaelic Games News
2nd January 2020

Welcome to Galway City – Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2020

Galway - The Lonely Planet best cities in the world to visit. While it's steeped…
Experience Gaelic Games News
19th December 2019

A moment to celebrate our EGG hero’s!

Gaelic Games is an amateur sport with pure talent and skill driving it forward.  Now…
Experience Gaelic Games News
13th December 2019

3-G Visitors With Experience Gaelic Games!

Our 3-G visitors have come in their troves this year, especially to our Galway visitor…
Experience Gaelic Games News
4th December 2019

Memories made easy with Experience Gaelic Games

We want you to experience Gaelic Games like the Irish do.  Memories made easy with…
Hurling has been granted special status by UNESCO.Experience Gaelic Games News
29th November 2019

Grip and Swing with Experience Gaelic Games

At Experience Gaelic Games, you will learn that hurls are not just hurls.  They hold…