Why choose Experience Gaelic Games?Why Choose Experience Gaelic Games?

  • Experience Gaelic Games will deliver an amazing unique and positive Irish experience for your trip.
  • When in Ireland this is your chance to take part in activities and culture that stretches back 3,000 years and are at the heart and soul of Irish life.
  • This is an activity that is; cultural, activity based,  fun and something that you can only do when in Ireland.
  • If you visit Experience Gaelic Games you will take part in a memory maker to take home from your trip.
  • Everything we do at Experience Gaelic games is about passing on our passion and delight in the wonder that are our unique Irish games and dance. We want our visitors to catch some of that passion and enjoy their time with us.
  • Our Programmes are flexible and we will tailor our offering to suit the profile or dynamic of any group.
  • For some it will be all about the sports. They will wish to get stuck in immediately and want to play the games and we can do this.  For others, it will centre on team building and more sedate activity.  In this case we teach the basic skills involved and then use these fundamentals to run a set of team based activities.
  • And for others, they will wish to learn about the games /dance and what is involved, then watch our trainers or a gaelic team demonstrate – again we can organise this.
  • The service levels and attention to details are guaranteed with us.
  • We will look after your group and ensure a positive Irish Experience.

Does this sound like something you and your friends would like to try? Book now. We guarantee that you will leave with a smile on your face and memories to last a lifetime! Don’t miss out.