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Beauden Barrett

While we’re all in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, we decided we would change it up slightly and bring you some content that you might be interested in. Yes, our groups have stopped. Our cunning photographers amongst our staff are all social distancing. We have no more photos to bring to you unless we start recycling. Actually, in our era of sustainability and recycling, maybe that would go down well?


Beauden BarrettAnyway, over the next few days/weeks we are going to be sharing GAA clubs abroad, their unique stories and some of the world’s celebrities you didn’t (or maybe you did) know played the GAA. From Hollywood actors to some of the greatest athletes in the world, this is an impressive list of people who have taken part in our games, the greatest games in the world!


First up, is Beauden Barrett. The 2016 World Rugby Player of the Year. One of the finest athletes on the planet. If you look him up on Youtube, you get videos calling him ‘The Prodigy’, ‘The Maestro in Black’, ‘Pure Electricity’, ‘The World’s Best Flyhalf’. He makes the game look effortless and has 1,423 points in his career. His trophy cabinet is one to be marvelled at, with 83 caps for New Zealand, 1 World Cup, 3 Rugby Championships and that’s not even taking into account his club career. Here is a quick video of his greatest highlights.

Gaelic Football Career

Of course, he credits all these achievements and his unparalleled rugby skills with his year playing GAA at the age of 8 in Ireland. Well, that may not be factually correct but he did play GAA for the St. Brigid’s Gaelic Football Club in Ballinacree, Meath. His father, Kevin, also played for the club, using it for his fitness. He even introduced a new skill to the game (‘the fend’) which has yet to be confirmed as being legal. I guess it is up to the referees discretion whether it is allowed or not.

When doing an interview with the42 about the GAA and whether he still has fond memories, Barrett said ‘it’s a sport I enjoy playing over there and a lot of the skill-sets are quite similar to rugby’. The kick pass, the high catch, the carry etc. are all transferable skills between the two teams. Respect is another area which is very transferable. Just don’t bring the rugby tackle onto the GAA pitch or you may be having an early shower!

Check out our website and see for yourself whether your rugby skills would translate well into our great game of Gaelic Football. One can only imagine the damage that Beauden Barrett would have done on the GAA pitch if he had of kept playing. Meath might be contenders for the All-Ireland if he had of stayed! Maybe one of the Auckland GAA clubs might snap him up during his spare time and bring him to the GAA World Games? All bets are off on the winners of the competition if they do! Come book a voucher for Experience Gaelic Games now and have the craic once this COVID-19 passes.

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