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Become a Gaelic Warrior with Experience Gaelic Games

By 7th June 2019No Comments
Discover your Inner Warrior Through Hurling!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an ancient warrior? Well here is your chance.  Visit us at Experience Gaelic Games  and be prepared to discover some ancient Celtic warrior skills through Hurling!  And it is all in the name of sport – Gaelic Sport.

Discover your Inner Warrior Through Hurling! Hats Off, Battle Done! All standing after a hurling game with an American group, Summer 2017.Gaelic Games are Ireland’s most popular sporting activities. Interwoven into Irish culture and lifestyle are our Gaelic games.  Which means these games are a way of life in Ireland.

However, the games have a deeper involvement in Irish life and their meaning and touch runs deep.  Our Gaelic Games are not just games! They are far more than a physical activity. Gaelic Games are an expression of our heritage. They are part of our national identity.

Ireland’s ancient stick and ball game of Hurling has written references as far back as 1172 BC which underpins the skills of the modern game to a form of ancient battle craft as the ancient warriors used their hurling skills to develop into battle-hardened warriors.

So why not become a Gaelic warrior and immerse yourself in Ireland’s ancient sporting culture with Experience Gaelic Games – creating a memorial day with a difference in Dublin, Cork or Galway – a day of fun, enjoyment, adventures and steeped in history.

You can book the only Gaelic Games day experience in Dublin, click here.

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