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Dublin Our City in Words- Bleeding Great!

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We’re a little passionate about a few things at Experience Gaelic Games. Having fun and sharing a laugh are two of our passions. On our serious side we just love sharing insights into our local Gaelic culture.

We’re no fans of the “Plastic Paddy” tourism experience. Drunken nights with shamrocks and shillieaghs are not our favourite images of Ireland. We’re more fans of sharing how it really is- Raw, complex, post colonial, confusing and interesting.

So when we recently went traveling to Denmark to debate what it means to be Irish with our Viking Cousins – it was a pleasure to be accompanied by a Poet and a wonderful singer/songwriter. (Stephen James Smith and Enda Reilly)

Us gallant three, Poet, Songster and Hurler brought our songs and stories from the Western Isle to Schools, Colleges and Concert halls throughout Denmark and we had a ball!!

We have some lovely stories we’ll share and some we might not 🙂 !

During our trip we talked a lot of Dublin and what it means to us all.

Thankfully – Stephen James Smith the inspirational poet – captured it in words and then a talented creative crew put this superb video together for our city as it is – we just love it!- we hope you do too!

Dublin – dirty Dublin – our home town where Stephen asks – “when did you go from the Clash of the Ash* to exchanging gold for cash”

Clash of the Ash is the sound of two hurling sticks striking each other in battle.

Live it –  love it – life as it is in our former garrison town!











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