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Experience the Thrill Of Gaelic Games With GAAGO

By 24th February 2015January 8th, 2020No Comments

By Brian O’Sullivan

Coming to Experience Gaelic Games for a session and want to familiarise yourself with Gaelic sports? Then GAAGO is your #1 stop for all the latest GAA action.

With less than two weeks gone in the “Official” GAA season armchair Gaelic fans across the globe have been treated to some exhilarating action. And the best part is things are only warming up! All mind-sets are geared for September; there will be many thrills along the way

The advent of streaming Gaelic Games online, naturally, is a quite recent concept. For many years Irish emigrants had to rely on a phone call or even a telegram from home to find out the how their native team were getting. Today someone in Auckland, Bangkok or Oslo can watch Gaelic Games the same time someone in Abbeyknockmoy, Ballyheigue or Oola.

Things have come a long way in a short space of time. The growth and power of social media has fuelled the advent of streaming Gaelic games to the masses overseas. Since the turn of the millennium the GAA has grown twice over fold overseas. The Millennium Bug was feared when 1999 turned into 2000, thankfully social media grew to such proportions that a Gaelic bug has hit Asia, Oceancia and the Middle East.

Scores of people gather in Irish bars, friends’ gaffs and apartment compounds across Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Washington DC to see the likes of Offaly play Waterford and Dublin tackle Donegal. Like every facet of the GAA, this new initiative gels people together in the love of their native heritage.

Michael O'Hehir

Ireland’s legendary broadcaster Michael O’Hehir

Adapting with the times has always been a core strength of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Radio was the most significant medium that brought the colour Gaelic Games into homes. Up until recent years the only form of catching a National League game was through Radio. Local radio stations such as Cork 103fm, Tipp FM and Shannonside Radio have helped bring the game to its populace, both local and worldwide through the Internet

Be not fooled should you ever hear anyone from Ireland stating that “I watched the game on the radio”. Many a good game was seen on the airwaves. It was a fundamental part of rural Ireland. Scores of people would gather in the home of the person who housed the best radio in the parish.

Moments of life were fashioned through watching a match on the radio. Players became household names before they were recognised in the flesh. Michael O’Hehir was the first broadcasting superstar of the GAA. So much so that many up and coming players hoped they touch the ball in the game because O’Hehir would broadcast the feat to the nation.

GAAGO offers the same thrill and excitement to Gaels overseas. The emotional connection to ones homeland is evident by the growth of Gaelic Games overseas, now newcomers to Gaelic Games can see the stars in action from the comfort of their own homes!

Beaming games worldwide not only showcases the unique treasure we hold in Ireland but it also broadcasts the cultural and natural riches of our land. Witnessing a game means you are observing ancient tribes doing battle for pride and local prestige.

The beautiful and wild nature of Ireland will be evident in the scenic surroundings which often leaves a wonderful backdrop to the games televised. So if you’re planning a session to Experience Gaelic Games and want to get a unique feel for the Sporting heritage of the Games, look no further than GAAGO!


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