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Family Fun visiting Ireland

By 18th July 2017January 8th, 2020No Comments

Ultimate Family Fun Activity in Ireland

By Kaylee Mc Clanahan

Family fun in Ireland

Family Fun in Ireland – Gaelic Games on vacation!

Planning a family holiday to Ireland?

Give your family a taste of Irish sporting culture by paying a visit to Experience Gaelic Games. Show your family the way of Irish families! Gaelic games have been in Irish families for generations, give your family the chance find themselves immersed in Irish sporting traditions!

Not only is this a chance for the family to get some exhilarating exercise; it the ideal way to get a glimpse into the core values of Irish families and their traditions which are rooted in family bondage.

Experience Gaelic Games caters to the skill level of every different participant, from the family member who lives and breathes sports to the one who would rather spend their day in the museum. This is not merely an immersive Irish sporting opportunity but also a chance to peek into the cultural lifestyle of the Irish.

Gaelic Games for All

The session will begin with a brief introduction into the history of Gaelic Games; Gaelic Handball, Hurling and its sister game of Camogie (Ladies Hurling) and Gaelic Football or Ladies Football for the females. The Irish are passionate about all of their sporting traditions; they even consider Gaelic Handball to be the hidden gem of the games within Ireland.

Families throughout the entire island of Ireland portray Irish sporting culture via Gaelic Games. It is quite common to see members of the same family, such as father and son or mother and daughter, on the field of play together. There have even been cases in which three generations of a family played on the same team!

We at Experience Gaelic Games have a soft spot for families due to the family history tied with the Gaelic Games. Families have thrilled us with their overwhelming positive responses and joyous spirited reactions to our native games. Families of all sizes and ages have bonded over this timeless tradition together. Our sessions typically last three hours but we have an abiding trust that the memories made through this brilliant experience will last forever.

Addicting Atmosphere for Family Fun

Something about being in fresh air and wide-open spaces creates an enjoyable atmosphere for all. Not the mention that the air is thick with culture and tradition resulting in a wholesome feel-good environment. At Experience Gaelic Games, the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and allows even the least confident athlete to feel at home. It is the ideal way to bond with the family outdoors especially in today’s world which is rapidly becoming more engrossed with technology. There is beauty in the art of these games and in knowing that ancient tribalism is alive and well in Ireland.

Family fun in Ireland at Experience Gaelic Games

Family Fun for all!

Adding to the atmosphere is the pride and passion all those who play the games possess, including that play professionally. There is no monetary gain from playing this game at any level; there is only the pride and honour bestowed upon their home place. All of the striving made by the players is pure because it is truly not for themselves but for their homeland. They play to honour the values of those who played before them and they pass on each and every jersey with pride. This tradition is rich with family pride, so bring your family and give them an opportunity to immerse themselves in this enchanting culture.

Your Time to Shine

Bring the family to Ireland and join in on this delightful tradition of Gaelic Games via Experience Gaelic Games. Immerse yourself in Irish sporting culture and maybe get the chance to discover a hidden talent!



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