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Ireland Map

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Ireland Map

An Insight Into Modern Ireland

When looking at the GAA clubs in Ireland, it almost perfectly recreates a map of Ireland. One can't experience Ireland and its culture without understanding the cultural phenomenon of Gaelic Games that we all hold so dear. This is an experience that can't be tried anywhere else in the world. From Dublin to Donegal, there is a club placed in every single village in Ireland.


Years Old



Everywhere you look on an Ireland Map, you will find a green space with a GAA club. One sits at the heart of every single community on our island. We have locations in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. These form the north, south, east and west of a Map of Ireland.

Where is Ireland?

Ireland sits at the north-eastern part of Europe. To our west, we are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. To the south, the Celtic Sea and to the east, the Irish Sea. The closest nation to Ireland is the United Kingdom. Despite our reputation for a cold, rainy climate, our experience has told us that this isn’t the case. Our climate is typically fine, with warm summers and mild winters. Thus, it is the perfect climate for activity and the great outdoors.

Why Visit?

From jaw-dropping scenery to lively local atmospheres, this truly is a country that will blow your breath away. We are known worldwide as a welcoming country who are up for the ‘craic‘ – a different interpretation of a word that some of our American visitors might have heard of! While you’re here, get a taste of local Irish action by discovering the great Gaelic Games that we all hold so dear.

About Our Games

Experience Gaelic Games gives visitors the perfect, local insight into the cultural phenomenon that is Gaelic Games. Little celebrates the difference of Irish culture more profoundly than the existence of 2,200 local community based/Irish Gaelic clubs. These games date back over 3,000 years (all the way back to 1272 BC).

The clubs are the custodians of Irish ancient Gaelic culture – promoting our language, music, dance and most famously – our ancient warrior tribal sports. We bring you into a local club, and give you the opportunity to go beyond the norm to really experience local Ireland.

Understand Experience Gaelic Games

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