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Galway Facts and Figures

Latin QuarterGalway City is a popular destination for tourists visiting Ireland. The city’s history dates back over 800 years, and its medieval heritage is still visible in its architecture and streetscapes. Visitors can explore the city’s rich cultural heritage by attending traditional Irish music sessions, visiting museums and galleries, and taking guided walking tours. One can’t experience Galway, and Ireland for that matter, without experiencing the cultural phenomenon that is Gaelic Games. A stones throw from Eyre Square, we have the perfect activity to give you a unique culture introduction to Ireland whilst also getting a chance to take part in both Gaelic Football and Hurling, the national pastimes on the island of Ireland. These games and the 2,200 clubs in which they are based form the bedrock of every Irish community. Of course, we think it is imperative that you add Experience Gaelic Games to your itinerary!!


Natural Beauty

Galway is also known for its stunning natural beauty, with the rugged coastline and rolling hills of Connemara just a short drive away. The Aran Islands, located off the coast of Galway, offer a glimpse into traditional Irish island life, with their rugged landscapes, ancient forts, and unique culture.

Tourists visiting Galway can experience the city’s vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere by sampling its food and drink scene, which includes seafood, artisanal cheeses, and locally brewed craft beers. The city is also home to several festivals throughout the year, including the Galway International Arts Festival and the Galway Oyster Festival, which attract visitors from around the world. It truly is a hub of culture and activity.




Outdoor Enthusiasts

For outdoor enthusiasts, Galway offers a range of activities, including hiking, cycling, fishing, and surfing. The one definite activity we recommend is our own unique experience of Gaelic Games. These traditional Irish sports are so much more than just sports. They are a living expression of our ancient Irish culture. With a 97% excellent rating on TripAdvisor, this is the perfect activity for you.

International Student GroupDespite its modernisation and international reputation, Galway retains a strong sense of community and pride in its history and culture, making it a unique and rewarding destination for tourists seeking an authentic Irish experience.

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