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Top Things To Do In Galway

Galway is a beautiful, vibrant and engaging city. It is high up on the list of tourist destinations in Ireland and offers such a unique mix of culture, arts, heritage and ‘craic’ – not the craic some of our American visitors are thinking of! When attending a recent Failte Ireland event in Galway city in the Galmont Hotel, a key element that stood out was the need for more daytime activities for visitors to increase their dwell time in Galway city. There was concern about the lack of daytime activities to keep people in Galway. Well, look no further. We know Galway is wonderful and we have a list of things to do in Galway during the day which will set you up for a wonderful, fun and vibrant trip. Check out the list below!


This list encompasses different elements which we have tried and we know you will try too! It is a 5 step plan to enjoy your Galway adventure before you head out for an evening of entertainment!

Step 1: Experience Gaelic Games Galway

The most unique activity you can try in Galway city. Mixing culture, craic and soft activity, this is a deep dive into Ireland. These games form the centrepiece of over 2,200 communities up and down the country. One can’t experience Ireland without learning about and trying Gaelic Games. With a 97% excellent rating on TripAdvisor, this truly is an activity not to be missed. Within a stones throw of Eyre Square, what more could you want?

Based beside the Connacht Hotel in Liam Mellows GAA Club, overlooking Ballyloughane Strand, you will start your experience with a 30 minute cultural introduction in our visitor centre. This will talk about the history of the games, the structures, the amateur ethos and why our games are so popular in Ireland. Then, warrior up and get ready for a fun outdoor experience learning the skills of Gaelic Football and Hurling. Hurling is an ancient stick and ball game which lays claim to be the oldest and fastest field sport in the world. Don’t miss out! Book today.

Step 2: Galway’s Latin Quarter

When finished in Experience Gaelic Games, make your way back into Galway city for some brilliant, colourful and incredibly tasty cafes, restaurants and traditional pubs. Galway’s historic Latin Quarter is one of the main hubs of activity. The colourful streets make it the perfect place to wander and soak up the atmosphere. The Latin Quarter of Galway City extends from the Spanish Arch to O’Brien’s Bridge to St Nicholas’ Church to Middle Street and features many well fine examples of the city’s medieval heritage. It truly is a wonderful place to explore with a vibrant, local atmosphere.

Step 3: Salthill Promenade

Located only a very short distance from Eyre Square, the Salthill Promenade is a wonderful location for all different activities. Whether seeking a scenic walk, looking to grab a bite to eat or are looking to brave the elements and go for a swim – the Salthill Promenade has it all. It truly is a picturesque location, full of fun for all the family with the distinctive diving board which forms a nice instagram story opportunity. This Blackrock Diving Tower is an iconic structure of the Salthill promenade and is a ‘must do’ for most visitors to Galway. Are you brave enough for the cold snap of the water?

Step 4: Visit The Galway Cathedral & The Spanish Arch

Now, after the morning activities, you should be coming up to 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon. At this stage, there are still some wonderful things to do in Galway before you head out for dinner on Shop Street or the surrounding areas. Two places you can visit for little cost and at an easy pace are the Galway Cathedral and the Spanish Arch. The Galway Cathedral is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It’s free to enter but you can take a guided tour for a small fee. The Spanish Arch is a 16th-century stone archway that was once part of the city’s defensive walls. Today, it’s a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Explore these parts and get a photo to let people know you were enjoying your time in Galway city.

Step 5: Visit the Galway City Museum

Another possible step on the Galway journey is to visit the Galway City Museum. This can form a key part of the cultural insights into Galway city. It is free to enter and has a range of exhibits, including artefacts from the Spanish Armada and medieval Galway. Why not finish your day off with a walking tour of Galway city then to fully get an insight into the wonderful history and culture in every corner of Galway? Some great companies to work with on this include Galway Tour Company and Walks of Galway.

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Now you’ve made it to the evening! We have only one bit of advice for you on this. Get on your two feet and walk around to sample in the amazing atmosphere of Galway city. If you see a pub that is busy, it is busy for a reason! Check it out and enjoy the night.

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