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Games for All Ages with Experience Gaelic Games

By 23rd August 2018January 8th, 2020No Comments
Looking for an all-round activity in Dublin for all the family? A cultural experience in which you are the heart of?

Experience Gaelic Games offer you the chance to step back in time and learn an ancient sport, a sport which is part of the Irish DNA.

We will take you on a truly Irish journey into the world of Gaelic Games.  A journey where you get to learn and then play our greatest and most cultural activities. This is a true Irish experience, hosted in a local Gaelic Club by people who are passionate about the games and what they mean.Games for all ages

We burst with pride when our visitors master the skills of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Gaelic Handball and sample vibrant part of Irish culture.

The emphasis with Experience Gaelic Games is on ensuring that our guests have a great, fun filled Irish Experience.  You learn a little about our culture and uniqueness and have some wonderful laughs along the way!

Most importantly, this amazing experience is for everyone.  Games for all ages. We love taking in groups of great diversity. Ranging from people who are bursting with sporting ability to those who are laid back and want to take in the atmosphere of the day.

We have become accustomed with introducing patrons from as young as five to as advanced as eighty to our native games. Games for all ages, so come play!

Experience Gaelic Games want you to experience this historic sport in a fun filled day. For more information on the great activities you can enjoy at Experience Gaelic Games click here.

Your Experience awaits you – don’t leave Ireland without it!

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