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Historic Lesson in a Sporting Environment in Dublin – Experience Gaelic Games lets you live like a local!

By 16th January 2018January 8th, 2020No Comments
Would you like to experience a historic lesson in Dublin which incorporates sport and brings out the true essence of a modern and ancient Ireland?

Then Experience Gaelic Games will take you on a truly Irish journey into the world of Gaelic Games. You will get to learn and then play our greatest and most cultural activities.  All while having a true Irish experience, hosted in a local Gaelic Club by people who are passionate about the games and what they mean.

Though founded in 1884, Gaelic Games has a lineage that stems back to prehistoric times. The first written reference to the games dates to 1172BC. In essence the Irish are continuing an ancient sporting culture that predates the ancient Olympics.

Historic Lesson. Sticking With Gaelic Games. All Set For Hurling, Summer 2017.

Sticking with Gaelic Games All set for Hurling summer 2017

Gaelic clubs are dotted all over Ireland, each with a unique history. Experience Gaelic Games based at CLG Na Fianna – Dublin, captures the magical past that Gaelic Games provides in modern day Ireland. All in an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere.

Most of all, Experience Gaelic Games want you to experience this historic sport in a fun filled day.  For more information on the great activities you can enjoy click here.  Your Experience awaits you – don’t leave Ireland without it!

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