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Corporate team building in the Sun – Hosting the Worlds Largest Hosts!

By 12th June 2013January 8th, 2020No Comments

When it comes to corporate team building we’ve had a fun time recently, with groups in luxurious locations throughout the country. Each team deliver their own dymanic but all the groups have had a superb time with us. The common tread has been that all the international visitors have been “wowed” with our national sports.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of welcoming some of the hottest and biggest names from Silicon Valley to Ireland. We were pleased to host Peter Chesky and Joe Gebbia – two of the co-founders of the amazing success story that is airbnb. Peter and Joe visited us with a group of the senior management of the company and it didn’t take long for them to establish why airbnb is just so successful.

Our introduction was absorbed in an instant and once out in action – technical explanations were short and execution of tasks were completed in double quick time.

But once the competition entered the arena – there was no one who did’nt want to step up to the mark! There was little need for team building with this crew – that team seemed well built to us!

We had a blast and the sun shone for the afternoon – what a day!

We look forward to having them back for an intermediatry session when next in Dublin!




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