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Ideal Irish Stag Activity

By 11th July 2017January 8th, 2020No Comments

Ideal Stag Party

By Kaylee Mc Clanahan

Ideal Stag Party activity

Ideal Stag Party activity and Irish Stag Fun – Hurling style!

Planning your stag party?

Head to Dublin and battle it out at Experience Gaelic Games! This is the perfect opportunity to sweat out last night’s activities with a sampling of Irish sporting culture. This is also a lovely way to celebrate your last weekend of freedom while slagging your mate through the games of Hurling, Gaelic Football and Gaelic Handball. If you are the competitive type, it is the ideal stag party activity and opportunity for some friendly competition against your mates to see who is the most athletic of them all.

Easing In

No matter your athletic history, the coaches can cater to your ability to make sure it is a memorable and enjoyable experience. Skill levels can range from benchwarmer to star athlete, all will get their chance to shine. It is also an ideal way to bring families together or maybe even let off a little friendly steam against future in-laws in the heat of the match. After a brief history introduction of Gaelic Games the group will be swept away by your coaches to an alley. The lovely sport of Gaelic Handball can be found hidden away in these alleys. This treasure is the perfect warm-up for your session. Gaelic Handball can be played at any level of intensity, from an easygoing Saturday morning golf game to a passionate battle to show your mates who’s best. This quick- footed game is a lovely way to ease into the two Gaelic sports that follow.

Immersed in Irish Culture

Following the alley adventure you will be whisked outside to the green pitch and fresh air where you will find yourself immersed in Gaelic Football. This sport is a mixture of basketball, rugby, soccer, volleyball and plenty of physical contact! This exciting sport requires plenty of teamwork and concentration due to the high level of skill required. The athletes on TV make it look quite a bit simpler than it is in actuality! However, once broken down even the least athletic mate will be able to give it a run for his money, and if not there will be ample opportunities for slagging. This is a classic stag party game because all can contribute and of course the losing team could always buy the first drinks at the bar later that night! Last but not least is the game that is the pride of Ireland; yes you guessed it Hurling! Armed with stick in hand, there are plenty of possibilities to show off your masculinity and cause some serious damage if desired. Also a brilliant chance to get back at the mate that keeps skipping out on his turn of rounds! This beautiful game truly showcases the ancient culture of Ireland while spurring the pride and passion the Irish feel towards the Gaelic world. You won’t regret a stag party session at Experience Gaelic Games. Where else can you fully immerse yourself in Irish culture while also getting some pre wedding nerves out in battle?


The perfect way to spend your last weekend of freedom, come try the ideal stag party activity out yourself and see why so many others before have loved it!

Ideal Stag Party activity

Gaelic Football fun for Stags



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