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A Historic Lesson in Irish Culture – with a twist!

By 19th December 2018January 8th, 2020No Comments
Would you like to experience a historic lesson in Irish Culture in Dublin? One which incorporates sport and brings out the true essence of a modern and ancient Ireland?

Yes – then let the games begin!  Experience Gaelic Games will take you on a truly Irish journey into the world of Gaelic Games.  No visit to Ireland is complete in 2019 without sampling the magical world of Gaelic Games. So, when you arrive on the emerald isle let Experience Gaelic Games lead you forth in your day of play and get a historic lesson about Irish Culture.

You will get to learn and then play our greatest and most cultural activities.  All while having a true Irish experience, hosted in a local Gaelic Club by people who are passionate about the games and what they mean.

A Historic Lesson in Irish Culture - with a twist!A trip to Experience Gaelic Games is much more than playing the ancient Irish pastimes of Gaelic Football, Hurling and Gaelic Handball – it’s a fascinating excursion through the history of sport and culture on the island.  All this while enjoying the wonder of our greatest and most cultural activity with a fun difference in Dublin.

Though founded in 1884, Gaelic Games has a lineage that stems back to prehistoric times. The first written reference to the games dates to 1172BC. In essence the Irish are continuing an ancient sporting culture that predates the ancient Olympics.

Embedded with history, Gaelic sports require a courageous heart and mind. The games have been crafted through oppression and a survival struggle that shapes Ireland today. So be brave and play!

So, open the door and step into the Gaelic world with Experience Gaelic Games!

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