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Conor Kelly

A man for all seasons, unless it is raining, snowing, windy or slightly too warm. Has a strange allergy to driving on motorways. Has approximately 7 showers a day and will likely disappear for a chunk of the session. Here he is in his own words;

Conor KellyName: Conor Kelly

Nickname: Jelly Kelly/Kellyer

Occupation: Infrequent Student

Years working in EGG: More than 3 years

Favourite Staff Member and Why: Donal Burke , always outshine him when together in a group!

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why? Micheal Murphy , bad haircut + attitude!

Biggest Achievement to date: Once sparked Micheál Murphy out

Favourite EGG Memory: Nurses 2018

Favourite Film: Dear John

Tell Us Something we don’t know about you: Went to Arianna Grande’s after party after Lollapalooza in Chicago.


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