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Eoin O’Dea

Brother of the best looking member of the staff. Eoin tends to stay very much in first gear in all facets of life. Can bench the combined bodyweight of the EGG staff. Here he is in his own words;

Name: Eoin O’Dea

Nickname: Skittles

Occupation: Fund Manager

Years working in EGG: 2-3 years

Favourite Staff Member and Why: Tiarnan, we have a special bond

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why: Padraig Buggy, he is a mare

Biggest Achievement to date: Being named best man for Tiarnán’s wedding

Favourite EGG Memory: Watching Tiarnan get a standing ovation off every group for a week after we told them about his engagement

Favourite Film: 50 First Dates

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