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Kevin Burke

A better version of Donal Burke. A lover of all things classical music. A former Irish Dancing World Champion. Allergic to giving lifts! Here he is in his own words;

Kevin BurkeName: Kevin Burke

Nickname: KB6

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Years working in EGG: 1-2 years

Favourite Staff Member and Why: Tiarnán because he is old and wise and I can get advice off him about anything.

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why: Liam Stacey, worst work ethic I have ever seen!

Biggest Achievement to date: Being voted 2nd best coach in EGG by our intern Haley. Behind only the mighty Paul O’Dea.

Favourite EGG Memory: When a person said Tiarnán looked like he wasn’t far off 50 years of age. Poor lad was devastated.

Favourite Film: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Tell Us Something we don’t know about you: To save people the hassle of searching, my Instagram is kevinburke_6 for anyone that was inquiring.


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