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Niall Hannon

One of the good guys, Niall has recently began his career in Experience Gaelic Games. If he is on your group you can feel special, as he travels two hours to get to the club for each session. Here he is in his own words;

Name: Niall Hannon

Nickname: Hitman Hannon

Occupation: Student

Years working in EGG: Less than 1 year

Favourite Staff Member and Why: Kev O’Sullivan for his gorgeous tanned body whenever he comes back from a holiday

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why: Adam Rafter – for being a thick and getting me detention in 2nd class

Biggest Achievement to date: Getting hired by EGG

Favourite EGG Memory: Conor Kelly doing single leg bridges during the course of a group

Favourite Film: Good Will Hunting

Tell Us Something we don’t know about you: My face was on the back of every kelloggs cereal box in Ireland for 2 summers.


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