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Paddy Skelly

A man afraid of giving lifts, and fond of dogging the lads when lifts aren’t afforded to him. Here he is in his own words;

Name: Paddy Skelly

Nickname: The Ginger Messi

Occupation: Trinity Student

Years working in EGG: 1-2 years

Favourite Staff Member and Why: Micheál Murphy – it is always a joy to watch him mess up the handball trick shots.

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why: Paul O’Dea – Didn’t give me a lift home one day, i’ll never forget! 🤛

Biggest Achievement to date: Played one game in corner forward in hurling.

Favourite EGG Memory: I was once flirted with by an American lad.

Favourite Film: La La Land.

Tell Us Something we don’t know about you: I don’t have an appendix.


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