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Padraig Buggy

Regularly described as a thumb, this is a man of many talents. Coaching is unfortunately not one of them.

Here he is in ‘his own words’;

PadraigName: Padraig Buggy

Nickname: The Thumb

Occupation: Wannabe Doctor

Years working in EGG: More than 3 years

Favourite Staff Member and Why: Myself, the one and only

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why: Paul O’Dea, regularly eclipses me in all elements.

Biggest Achievement to date: Once captained Na Fianna to a Feile Final loss.

Favourite EGG Memory: I cracked a great gag in a group about 2 years ago about spooning.

Favourite Film: Romeo and Juliet

Tell Us Something we don’t know about you: I am currently 100 kgs.





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