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Sean Baxter

The king of St.Pats. A man with the strength of two horses but his fitness leaves a lot to be desired. On a sabbatical currently, but will be back in the Summer for more poor gags. Here he is in his own words;

Name: Sean Baxter

Nickname: Coyote of Camden

Occupation: Talent Identification

Years working in EGG: 2-3 years.

Favourite Staff Member and Why:Booker T….. He’s an OG

Least Favourite Staff Member and Why: Tough one lot of contenders probably have to be jelly kelly though. Prone to a Houdini act.

Biggest Achievement to date: Being a member of the green school committee in St. Patrick’s Boys’ National School.

Favourite EGG Memory: Colin Currie doing the intro talk

Favourite Film: A Star Is Born (Emotional Rollercoaster of film) Lady Gaga with a sensational performance.

Tell Us Something we don’t know about you: I am Fred the Red (mascot of the greatest club on earth Manchester United) GGMU


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