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Memories made easy with Experience Gaelic Games

By 4th December 2019January 8th, 2020No Comments

We want you to experience Gaelic Games like the Irish do.  Memories made easy with Experience Gaelic Games

Experience Gaelic Games has a unique way of building memories to last a lifetime.  Gaelic Games is an amateur sport which has captured the hearts of Irish souls and runs deep in Irish Culture – a culture which is a key component in everyday life in Ireland.  We strive to bring you into the heart of what it is to be Irish, for an unforgettable, unique activity that will shape your visit.

A day with Experience Gaelic Games starts with taking a step back in time to learn how the games have involved through the ages.  This will give you a unique insight into the pride and passion the Irish have for their native sports.

Memories made easy with Experience Gaelic Games


Then we bring the Gaelic Games experience to life.  You will take to the pitch with our wonderful team of passionate coaches who will teach you how to play the games and master the hurl and sliotar!  It’s not easy, but its fun and before you know it, you will have your take away memories and walk away with a passion for our Gaelic legacy.

So why not become a Gaelic warrior and immerse yourself in Ireland’s ancient sporting culture with Experience Gaelic Games – memories made easy with a difference in Dublin – a day of fun, enjoyment, adventures and steeped in history.

So, open the door and step into the Gaelic world. Enjoy your memory maker experience in Dublin with Experience Gaelic Games.


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