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South American Skills in Gaelic Games

By 24th February 2016January 8th, 2020No Comments


It’s a small world for sure.

Little did the merchant Edmund Rice know in 1802 when he opened a small school in Waterford in Southern Ireland – that he would be responsible for attracting visitors from South America to Ireland. He would have been more impressed that they played Hurling – the ancient stick and ball game most closely associated with the small county of his birth. (Kilkenny)

Edmund Rice was a innovator of the highest order- he challenged the existing system where the expression of Gaelic Customs and exercise of religious freedom were actively  discouraged and oppressed.

Despite the oppressive enviroment he faced- he formed the congregration of the Christian Brothers who through their work made education accessible to the majority of the population in Ireland – Their influence on our Nation has been enormous.

We were delighted to welcome to Ireland a group inspired by the missionary zeal of Edmund Rice and his colleagues – Stella Maris CBC from Monte Video in Uruguay.

They were a credit to the Christian Brothers ideals of the positive influence of education. They came they learned of the games, they were intrigued by the cultural impact of our structures, they questioned, they absorbed and then they took part.

They were a joy to have around – Hope you enjoy the video of them too!







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