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In the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, Experience Gaelic Games have the perfect way to get ready for Sunday’s celebrations. 

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This St Patrick’s Day weekend, get ready to experience the single biggest cultural influence in Ireland: get ready to experience Gaelic games.

Every town in Ireland, and almost every village, is getting ready for St. Patrick’s day parades this weekend.  Each of these towns and villages share something else in common.  They are also are hooked on Gaelic Games.

Gaelic Games is  sporting fraternity.  One that links every field, river, mountain and hill to all the urban societies and the people in one bond.  At Experience Gaelic Games we know how to celebrate our love of Gaelic Games.

Experience Gaelic Games brings the  magic of Irelands ancient castles and fairy forts to life, with the twist.   We will lead you on an active trail that brings out the true spirit of Ireland.  We will take you on a truly Irish journey into the world of Gaelic Games.  Games you get to learn and then play.

So, don’t be misled to think that gaelic games are just sports – they’re much more – they’re an expression of identity and are underpinned by a unique set of cultural values that permeate modern Irish Life – most importantly they’re just a great way of sharing time with friends old and new and  creating memories.

Experience Gaelic Games helps you capture the magical past that our Games provides in modern day Ireland, in an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere, in Dublin city. Enjoy the delights that can be exhorted from you via our ball playing game of Gaelic Football while also trying your hand at Gaelic Handball.

Watch our video to see how you can capture the true essence of Gaelic Games. [iframe src=”″ width=”50%” height=”200″]

So this St Patrick’s Day be adventurous, be part of it via Experience Gaelic Games.

To book your adventure, click here.

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