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Ideal Stag Party activity in Ireland- Dublin, Galway or Cork

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A Stag Party Love Affair Via Gaelic Sport

Heading to Dublin/Galway or Cork for your stag party? Then look no further than Experience Gaelic Games. We will take care of your last weekend of freedom that will set you on a love affair through Irish sporting culture.

Ideal Stag party activity in Dublin

Clowning around at the ideal stag party activity in Dublin

The magical thing about Experience Gaelic Games is that it offers a stag party the opportunity to sample Gaelic sport through the games of Hurling, Gaelic Football and Gaelic Handball. All age groups and participation levels are catered for. Over the years, we have become accustomed to greeting up to three generations in the same stag or hen party.


For One And All

Fathers, mums, grandparents, great grandparents, in-laws and outlaws have all immersed themselves in the delights of Gaelic games in some memorable stag party sessions at our Dublin/Galway and Cork bases. It’s an ideal way to gel the families together; while it may also be an opportunity to sort out any cross-family tensions particularly over the course of a hurling match.

If you’re the sporty type that is hot blooded when it comes to competitive games with your mates or family; it’s an ideal blow out session for you. You can test yourself against your mates to see who can last the longest. The fittest challenge. An endurance test. But do pace yourself as there are three games to contend with.

After a brief introduction to the history of Gaelic games you will be whisked away by your coaches to an alley. All great things happen in alleys in Ireland! It is where the sport of Gaelic Handball is hidden from the rest of the world.

Gaelic Handball is a nice opener to your session. It can be what you want it to be. Nice and peaceful like your Saturday morning game of tennis at the lawn club or a passionate battle to show your mates who’s best. It requires a steady and quick feet, durable energy and wits. All things that you’d expect to find in a hen or stag group particularly on a Saturday morning! Gaelic handball will keep you on your toes and boil your passion for the two Gaelic sports that lay ahead.

Great Gameplaying

Great Stag party activity Hurling

Stag party with the perfect stag activity in Ireland – Hurling

After your exploits in the alley you will be ushered into outside pastures and into the open air to immerse yourself in Gaelic Football. A mixture of Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball and when it gets hot and heavy Martial Arts! Once again Gaelic Football is inclusive; you will need to work as a team to get through the various skill competitions that may looks quite simple on TV but will require a bit of thinking when you’re out on your own with a ball in your hand and excitement has reached fever pitch! It is the essential simple game, often played by simple people. Ideal for game playing at stag parties. First drinks at the bar to be bought by the losing team!

The jewel in the crown for your stag party is the ancient game of Hurling. How often are you let loose in Ireland with a stick in your hand; with your in-laws on the opposing side! This is the game that has left many a stag or hen in awe. That’s saying something if their planning to walk down the aisle! It leaves you with an appreciation of an ancient culture that still exhorts pride and passion on daily basis throughout the Gaelic world.

You won’t be disappointed with a stag party session at Experience Gaelic Games. It is a great way to sign of single life; get to know your in-laws and even find out things about your own kit and kin that you didn’t know exist. It has all happened before. Why not sample it for yourself.


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