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Suitable For All

UNESCO Intangible Heritage | Gaelic Games | Local Community | All Ages and Abilities

From NFL players

To a group of 5 on a family holiday

This activity is for everyone!

Gaelic Games is the term given to a range of indigenous Irish sports and pastimes. These sports and pastimes are unique to Ireland, are deeply embedded in Irish culture and are played throughout the island of Ireland by all ages and at every level. The games have always occupied a special place in our culture and engender deep passions while defining local community identities.

By joining us, you are getting an opportunity to meet our local heroes. To interact with members of the community. To live like the Irish for a day. And that’s before you get to take part in one of the most unique activities in the world. This is your day to play, don’t miss out!

This activity truly is suited to all ages, group sizes and abilities. Whether you’re a College Football groups. A retired NBA player. A professional cyclist. A professional rugby player. A family visiting for a week. An OAP’s on a tour around Ireland. We truly have an activity that caters for all.

So whether you’re 5 years old or 85, whether you’re in a group of 5 or 50, our experienced coaches will make sure your visit to us is memorable. Come for the fun, leave with a greater understanding of what makes the GAA so unique. Contact Us for more information or book today!

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You can't come to Ireland without Experiencing Gaelic Games!

What will you do?

An unmissable day of fun. Live like the locals for a day!

International School or College Group?

This is the activity for you. Groups of up to 300!

Corporate Group?

Suitable for all. An unmissable day of fun!

Stag or Hen Party?

Cure the hangovers and experience the best part of your weekend!
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