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International Sports Group

A Perfect Mix of Education, Irish Culture and Soft Activity

Experience Real Ireland

A Perfect Chance to Be Active Whilst Learning About Irish Culture

This is a 'Home Run' for an International Sports Group. Give your sports group the opportunity to experience the UNESCO recognised global cultural asset that is the oldest and fastest field sport in the world, the great game of Hurling. This is an experience that can't be tried anywhere else in the world. A highly rated, visitor attraction in the heart of the local community in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. Don't miss out!


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Gaelic Games are as much a part of Irish life as our famed love of talking, singing and generally seizing any opportunity to have the ‘craic’. Our sports visitors have raved about the enormous fun and cultural learnings they have experienced at our activity. We offer a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of Ireland’s largest cities (Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast). A visitor attraction that you can’t try anywhere else in the world. 

Famous Visitors In The Past

In no particular order, our famous visitors from the past include; Ryan Jones, Ieuan Evans, Shane Williams, Chris Hadfield, Penn State Football Team, Georgia Tech Football Team, Boston College Football Team, Northwestern Football Team, Kentucky Ladies Basketball Team, Quinnipiac University Hockey Team, UMASS Lowell Hockey Team, Arsenal Ladies Football Team, Fiji Rugby Team etc. etc. All with rave reviews for our product. We know it works!

Why Us?

One only has to check out our reviews on Tripadvisor to see that we have an activity that is truly unique, insightful and an incredible local insight into real Ireland. We are a top visitor attraction in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast. Our activity is suited for your students whether they are 8 or 80 years old. Leave with a smile on your face and a new found passion for Gaelic Games. What’s more, teachers go free with their group.

What Will You Students Do?

Our activity is a 3 hour introduction to Gaelic Games. At first, our expert coaches will give your group a unique insight into the cultural significance of Gaelic Games in Ireland. Mixing culture with soft activity, this truly is a top activity to do in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Belfast. After an engaging cultural introduction, we will take your student group outside to take part in 3 sports (Gaelic Football, Hurling and Gaelic Handball) in the heart of the local community, in a local GAA club.

What’s Included?

Water is provided throughout the session and we’ll supply all the equipment you’ll need including footballs, hurls, helmets, sliothars etc etc.

All you need to bring along are a pair of flat-soled shoes and a willingness to have fun. Changing and shower facilities are provided at Na Fianna Gaelic Club, although you will need to supply your own towel.

About Our Games

Experience Gaelic Games gives visitors the perfect, local insight into the cultural phenomenon that is Gaelic Games. Little celebrates the difference of Irish culture more profoundly than the existence of 2,200 local community based/Irish Gaelic clubs. These games date back over 3,000 years (all the way back to 1272 BC).

The clubs are the custodians of Irish ancient Gaelic culture – promoting our language, music, dance and most famously – our ancient warrior tribal sports. We bring you into a local club, and give you the opportunity to go beyond the norm to really experience local Ireland.

Our trainers are excellent with people. They’re passionate about what they do and will take time and effort with every single participant. It is important to remember that none of the group need to be particularly sporty. It is all good fun and the emphasis is on participating with your friends and colleagues.

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