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Perfectly Suited | Cultural Introduction | Q&A | Soft Activity

Senior Tours Ireland

A must do activity for senior tours to truly understand Ireland.

With over 100 senior tours yearly in Experience Gaelic Games, this is certainly a must do. Mixing culture, craic and traditions for a riveting day of Irish adventure. According to Lonely Planet, you will not only leave with a potential new hobby, but a deeper understanding and stronger connection with the Irish people.

Take a break from the museums and castles to give your tours the perfect authentic Irish cultural immersion experience. With a cultural introduction with a local hero, a Q&A to understand Ireland and some soft activity – this is not to be missed!

What Will You Do?

A 2 hour introduction to Gaelic Games and their role in Ireland. Mixing culture with soft activity, this truly is a top activity to do in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Belfast. After an engaging cultural introduction to Ireland in our visitor centre, we will give you the opportunity for a Q&A. In this, you can delve deeper into the role of the GAA in every community in Ireland. We will then take you outside to take part in 2 sports (Gaelic Football and Hurling) for some soft activity.

Why Us?

One only has to check out our reviews on Tripadvisor to see that we have an activity that is truly unique, insightful and an incredible local insight into real Ireland. We are a top visitor attraction in Dublin and Galway. Our activity is suited for you whether you are 8 or 80 years old. Leave with a smile on your face, a new found passion and after ‘warrioring’ up for a unique photo opportunity.

About Our Games

Experience Gaelic Games gives visitors the perfect, local insight into the cultural phenomenon that is Gaelic Games. Little celebrates the difference of Irish culture more profoundly than the existence of 2,200 local community based/Irish Gaelic clubs. These games date back over 3,000 years (all the way back to 1272 BC).

The clubs are the custodians of Irish ancient Gaelic culture – promoting our language, music, dance and most famously – our ancient warrior tribal sports. We bring you into a local club, and give you the opportunity to go beyond the norm to really experience local Ireland.

Understand Experience Gaelic Games

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