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Team Building in Dublin – Living the Dream!

By 16th April 2013January 8th, 2020No Comments

As Team Building events go it’s hard to think of one that worked better!
We had such a very special day in Croke Park recently.
The Croke Park Doyle Hotel were having a day of celebrations to celebrate their brand values.
Where else could the staff from the Croke Park Hotel find an opportunity to have some fun, engage in some team building and learn a little more about the very special place they have the pleasure to work in? You’ve guessed it. It had to be Croke Park.
The management crew called in Experience Gaelic Games and presented us with the challenge. Engage with the staff, get the team building going and make sure everyone has a good time! No better brief.
We agreed the time and the very special venue. We were granted exclusive access to main dressing rooms of Europe’s fourth largest Stadium. Along with the dressing area we more importantly had access to the warm up room.
The arrangements were made but the staff were kept in the dark!
The guys printed and distributed the tickets – Ciarraí Abú v Dublin Dudes.
We expected 28-30 – but our biggest challenge was crowd control – nearly 60 arrived!
The team building started with a very short intro delivered in the dressing room – the ideal place for a team talk! Cormac got to deliver that speech he’s been preparing in his dreams for All Ireland days! Then into the warm up room where the fun began.
What a team building session we had. Sean’s Dublin Dudes did battle with Muireanns Ciarraí Abú.
Everyone got involved as we had a mix of GAA Novices to Dublin U21 Stars – the craic was ninety. The sound of laughter and giggling could be heard in the Press box above the Hogan Stand! (Well Possibly) – Never have so many had so much fun in that small area – check out the photos and see if anyone is not smiling or laughing.
To all who took part – thanks for helping us to live the dream!
The comments from the organising crew in the follow up mail within hours of the event sum it all up:
“Thanks again for the session – we’ve been getting great feedback – looking forward to the Pics”
Your wishes are answered – here’s the photo’s



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