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Things to do in Dublin -Our top recommends.

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Things to do in Dublin 2013 – Our top recommends!

It’s been a long and pretty hot summer with plenty of things to do in Dublin for visitors.  There are now 247 attractions listed on Trip Advisor in Dublin.  Experience Gaelic Games has ranked as the NUMBER ONE attraction on things to do in Dublin  on Trip Advisor for the 2013 summer season.

Thats all down to the visitors who have shared their thoughts on line after visting us. We’d like to thank you all for keeping us ranked as the Number One  of things to do in Dublin.

While very many visitors enjoy visting the main tourist attractions – many of our visitors like to ” get under the skin” of modern Irish Culture.  We’re passionate about promoting indigenous and unique Irish activities and attractions.

As a result we’ve put together a list of attractions/events which we feel tell a little more of our culture and heritage. Because we’ve all different interests not all will be attractive for everyone. So they are in no particular order – just a list of things to do in Dublin that you can’t do elsewhere!

IF you’ve any comments – we’d love to hear them – please email to

Things to Do in Dublin

Experience Gaelic Games -If you really want to understand a key difference in Irish Culture – come to a Local Gaelic Club with Experience Gaelic Games. The clubs are not purpose built tourist attractions -they’re at the heart of local community life. It’s there you’ll find Indigenous sports being played , the native gaelic language spoken, traditional dance practiced and traditional music played. Your visit is not about listening it’s about living like a local and learning the games.- Living Culture should be fun – it’s not all lectures and museums you know!


Visit Croke Park Museum and Stadium Tour – just because we’re bias doesn’t mean we’re wrong! No visit to Dublin seems complete if you haven’t visited the fourth largest sports stadium in Western Europe – not because it’s so big – because it’s so important to Ireland. You won’t know till you go!

Walk and Talk

The best way to get to know Dublin city is on foot. The best guy, we know, to bring a journey to life is Lorcan Collins on the 1916 walking tour.  On the 16 tour you’ll get to see the city and hear the most interesting stories of a week that defines Irish History – Easter Week 1916. It’s an extra special time now as we head towards the centenary of the 1916 rising.

Learn to Dance –

If you’re up for some fun check out  Jig – The story of Irish Dance . They are a super bunch who are as passionate about Irish Dance as we are about Gaelic Games. If you’re feeling like a little break you can book in to see one of their shows – but we seriously recomend that you join their Hop ups where you learn yourself!

Learn to Listen

In an age where we’re all stuck to our phones & Tv’s – a night in the company of a story teller is a refreshing change. In the Brazen Head you can enjoy a meal – listen to an explanation of Irish Folklore and Fairies delivered by a real life living person! It’s a great evening of entertainment suitable for all the family.

Learn the History

If you want to understand the influence of history on Ireland – visit Kilmainham Jail.  A visit to a jail may not sound the most exciting but it gives a great insight into what makes Irish people what we are. Word of warning get there early or check if you can book – it’s so busy they often turn people away.

Check our some ancestors with a visit to Glasnevin Cemetery Museum  – I know it’s another unsual one but it’s not at all morbid. With an underground population of 1.5 million you’ve probably a relative or two there!  The tours are informative and good fun.

Learn the Music

The pipes, the pipes they are a calling!!!! Make a visit to Na Píobairí Uileann- the Pipers club in Dublin city centre. The Uileann Pipes are one the three indigenous musical instruments of Ireland – The Harp, The Bodhrán (Drum) and the iconic sound of Ireland – The Uileann Pipes. If you want to visit, learn and listen to the pipes check out

Learn to Party

To really live like a local – we think you should play by day and party by night! When it comes to party by night the best place for your introduction is the The Irish House Party in Francis Street .

The list is by no means complete – but it’s a start .
Remember when it comes to things to do in Dublin – Always the most important thing to do is to enjoy yourself!




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