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Wow! Such exciting news to take us into the new decade! We are Lonely Planet’s number 1 unique sport to try in the world in 2020. It seems that our preaching of the GAA gospel is really taking off worldwide. And rightly so.

Come Experience the Number 1 Unique Sport in the world!

Fun had by all. Lonely Planet's Number 1 Sport to Try on your travels 2020!Make sure you add Experience Gaelic Games to your itinerary. You don’t have to be good at sport, have good coordination or be an active person. All you need are a flat pair of shoes and a willingness to have fun. Through our experience, you will get the opportunity to spend three hours interacting and engaging with the Irish in a local GAA club. Ask all the questions you want! If the fact that we are Lonely Planet’s number 1 sport to try and our 96% excellent rating on TripAdvisor are anything to go by, we must be doing something right, eh?


The Beautiful Game?

Are we slowly becoming the worlds beautiful game? I think so. What is more beautiful than people of all ages and abilities competing against each other on behalf of their communities? No money, VAR, TMOs or transfers. Just loyalty, respect, a positive attitude and a love of playing the game with your family and friends.


Try Lonely Planet's Number 1 Unique Sport on your travels 2020

Now is your chance to play and making memories to last a lifetime. You will become a Gaelic Warrior by playing the oldest and fastest field sport in the world. We cater for all ages, shapes and sizes. The only thing we struggle to cater for is a bad attitude. Can you hit the ball 180 km/hr? If you can, we might sign you up to one of the 2,200 clubs throughout our island! If not, we might sign you up to our 2,200 clubs also. We are not about elite athletes, money or high levels of competition. We are about interaction, inclusivity and ‘the craic’. On top of this, you will play Gaelic Football and Gaelic Handball. Think Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball, AFL, American Football, Basketball and Olympic Handball all combined into the one. And that’s only the start …


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