Looking for something uniquely Irish and fun for your school tour activity?

When organising a school trip, one of your primary goals as a teacher is to take your class to a location that is educational yet diverting enough to hold the children’s attention.From the children’s point of view, a school trip is a day out of class and one in which they’ll hopefully have a lot of fun. Finding the right balance is often difficult. But not any more!

Experience Gaelic Games offers you the perfect mix. Your class will get to learn all about the cultural significance of Ireland’s national sports of football, hurling and handball and the huge role they have played in our country’s development.But they will also get to experience the games themselves, in a new and completely dynamic way.

They will use the the basic skills they know and then compete in lots of fun competitions, thus encouraging future generations to maintain the centuries–old Gaelic games traditions. And you can be certain that both you and your class will have a wonderful, fun-packed day out that the kids will be talking about for weeks!

A school trip to EGG begins with our expert staff explaining a little about the background to our unique Gaelic sports. This introductory chat will include video footage and will be interactive – we’ll encourage the kids to talk about the sports they like or play.

We’ll then take the kids outside and go through the basics of football, hurling and handball. A highly experienced coach will be assigned to each group often kids and all of our expert staff will take time and effort with every member of the group – and you can be sure the kids will have a lot of laughs in the company of our friendly staff.

But the real fun for the kids begins when we stage our mini matches and other activities such as our ‘It’s a Knockout’ style competitions, which will have a Gaelic sports theme.

These are wonderful craic for kids, teachers and trainers and everyone will have lots of fun and laughter as they compete in such competitions as ‘Sliothars in Buckets’, the ‘Golden Shot’ and the like!

All the games are non-contact so you don’t have to worry about the kids nursing bruises afterwards. Water is provided throughout the session for the kids and tea or coffee for the adults and the facilities of ‘Na Fianna’ Gaelic Club are at your disposal. EGG is also accredited by the GAA and we are fully insured.

All equipment is provided by us so all your class need bring along are a pair of flat shoes – and enthusiasm for a lot of fun! It is important to stress that none of the kids have to be particularly good at sports – the emphasis is always on fun and participation! We can also combine the sports sessions with a tour of the Croke Park Museum, which will greatly enhance the cultural element of the school trip.

For teachers and schools based away from Dublin – if the journey is too far and you can’t make it to Dublin, don’t worry, we can come to you! All you need to provide is a green space where our coaches can work with the kids. So this year why not make your school trip something the kids will remember for a long time and one that has a genuine, Irish cultural aspect that will satisfy both the educational and fun aspects required in a school outing? The details of the various options available by contacting us.

What you’ll do

From a teachers perspective you can leave it all to us!

We will welcome your school group, look after them and ensure everyone is feeling happy and at ease. From our point of view we make sure that all the participants feel comfortable and we stress the fact that with our sessions it is not always the fastest, most sporty who emerge victorious.

You have the option to join in the activities and fun or alternatively we have a balcony area overlooking the playing surfaces where you can survey all – this means you can see all that is going on, can comment and encourage but are at arms length!

The session lasts approximately 2 hours, we mostly use all weather pitches so the children should not get too dirty, but if they wish to bring a change of clothes that is fine. There are changing rooms on site, they can leave their gear in these and we will lock each room whilst they are outside.

This is culture and fun combined, taking the unique aspect of our national games and delivering them in a dynamic format that allows the participants to all play together in a bonding, team enhancing format.