On top of the list of great things to do when in Ireland – is to see a game of Hurling or Gaelic Football. Nothing compares to the live action of the oldest and fastest game on grass. Attending a live game you can experience the thrill and passion of  warrior sports played at a frenetic pace. These games although they can be attended by crowds up to 80,000 are played purely for the honour of victory!

If you prefer to be more of an ‘armchair participant’, that’s fine with us!

We can organise an experience built around a short introduction to Gaelic games, give you an opportunity to swing a hurl and then you can relax and watch a match.

Alternatively we can just bring you to a match!

All you need is a group of six or more.

We can arrange demonstration games, bring you to a club match or even organise tickets for the big county games.

Whatever your requirements let us know your dates and we’ll sort it out for you!