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Key Outcomes

  • Improves Trust
  • Energises the Group
  • Encourages Collaboration
  • Increases Productivity and Creative Thinking
  • Introduces Positive Thinking


We have worked on, developed and successfully tested a large range of team building activities for Team-Works. These range from short, sharp team challenges which really puts groups on the spot through to longer, imaginative team assignments which allow the creative thinkers to rise to the top. Our challenges will be delivered by our charismatic group leaders, who have a wealth of experience, intuition and charisma guaranteed to deliver a positive, engaging and memorable visit.

Our activities will test the groups communication and engagement under pressure. Can your team solve the puzzle and win the ultimate prize?

Team Benefit?

Team-Works focuses on the development of communication, trust and collaboration within a team. In an era of diversity, having a team that is comfortable working together is an important tool in allowing both the individuals and team to prosper. Our activity will take participants out of their comfort zone and encourage the teams to come together in new ways.

By the end of our experience, expect a fully energised team, confident to take on their next challenge together!

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